Get Expert Advice From a Philadelphia Long Term Care Insurance Advisor

Most people buy long term care insurance in Philadelphia (PA) from an insurance agent or broker, or through a financial advisor. Regardless, median long term care costs in Philadelphia for a nursing home facility exceed over $120,000 according to the Pennsylvania Health Care Association. Therefore, it is important to purchase coverage when creating a financial plan with your financial advisor/insurance broker in order to protect your assets.  Our Philadelphia long term care insurance advisors are able to assist you in finding the perfect coverage for you.


Is Long-Term Care Insurance in Philadelphia (PA) Right for You?

You cannot predict the future, especially when it comes to the decline in your health, but our Philadelphia long term care insurance services can help you prepare for that time. They are many factors to consider when deciding to purchase long term care insurance. The factors are both health-related and financial. The health-related factors are based on life expectancy, gender, family status, and medical history. People are living longer than ever before due to preventive care, healthier lifestyle choices and advances in medicine and medical treatment.  As a result, the longer you live, the more likely you will need long-term care assistance. For example, If you are a woman,  you are more likely to need long-term care because, quite simply, women live longer than men.


Your medical history can play a factor in your long term care needs.  If you smoke, have other health conditions, or if your family history indicates an increased risk of developing an illness, your likelihood of needing long term care services will naturally increase. A spouse or other family might provide care but it could become overbearing for them and long term care will be required. You should also consider your financial status when looking for long-term care insurance in Philadelphia(PA).



Long term care facilities can cost a lot of money. These facilities can easily cost over $100,000 per year. So, even if you have several hundred thousand in assets, those funds could be depleted very quickly. Buying a long term care policy can ease the heavy financial burden so that you can ensure that you or a loved one can receive the care they deserve.


What Benefits are Included in Long Term Care Insurance in Philadelphia(PA)?

In Philadelphia, long-term care insurance policies must include required services that are set by Pennsylvania laws.  Policies must include skilled nursing care, intermediate care, custodial care, home health care, and miscellaneous care.


Skilled nursing care is considered daily nursing and rehabilitative care that can be performed only by, or under the supervision of, skilled medical personnel. The care received must be requested by a doctor.


Intermediate care is occasional nursing and rehabilitative care that must be based be requested by a doctor and must be performed by, or under the supervision of, skilled medical personnel.


Custodial care is to help you with personal needs such as bathing, dressing and eating. Someone without professional training may provide this service.


Home health care are services such as part-time skilled nursing care; therapy as in speech, physical or occupational; homemaker services; home health aide; assistance with activities of daily living; adult day care; personal care; hospice services and respite care.


Long-term care insurance in Philadelphia(PA) must also cover miscellaneous care.  This type of care covers Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disabilities diagnosed after the insurance policy is purchased.


To make sure you are getting a policy that provides adequate care, we can provide you with a  financial advisor who can assist you when determining the right coverage for you.


Long-Term Care Insurance Carriers in Philadelphia

It is our jump in assisting you when trying to find the right carrier for your long-term care insurance. The following is a list of carriers who are approved for long term care insurance in Philadelphia (PA).


Aetna Life Insurance Company  AF&L Insurance Company  AIG Life Insurance Company  Allianz Life
American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus American Fidelity Assurance Company American General Life Insurance American Heritage Life Insurance Company
American Progressive Life and Health Insurance Company of New York Amex Assurance Company Assurity Life Insurance Company Baltimore Life Insurance
Bankers Life and Casualty Company Bankers Life Insurance Company Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America Blue Cross of Northeastern PA
Capital BlueCross Catholic Order of Foresters Central States Life and Health Company of Omaha Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company
Combined Insurance Company of America Conseco Health Insurance Company Conseco Insurance Company Conseco Medical Insurance Company
Conseco Senior Health Insurance Company Constitution Life Insurance Company Continental Assurance Company Continental Casualty Company
Continental General Insurance Company Continental Life Insurance Co of Brentwood TN CUNA Mutual Life Insurance Company CUNA Mutual Insurance Society
Farmers New World Life Insurance Company Genworth Life and Annuity Insurance Company Genworth Life Insurance Company Great American Life Insurance Company
Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company Hartford Life Insurance Company Health Net Life Insurance Company Highmark Inc
HM Life Insurance Company Independence Blue Cross John Alden Life Insurance Company John Hancock
Kanawha Insurance Company Knights of Columbus Lafayette Life Insurance Company Life Investors Insurance Company of America
Life Investors Life Insurance Company of America LifeSecure Insurance Company Lincoln Benefit Life Company LTC Administrative Office
Lincoln National Life Insurance Company Loyal American Life Insurance Company Madison National Life Insurance Co Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
MedAmerica Insurance Company Medico™ Insurance Company Medico™ Life Insurance Company Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife)
Monumental Life Insurance Co Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company New York Life Insurance Company Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company
Penn Treaty Network Insurance Company Pennsylvania Life Insurance Company Peoples Benefits Life Insurance Company Physicians Mutual Insurance Company
Pioneer Life Insurance Company Provident Life and Accident Insurance Company Reassure America Life Insurance Company Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
Senior American Life Insurance Company Standard Life and Accident Insurance Company State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Sterling Life Insurance Company
Teachers Protective Mutual Life Insurance Company The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company The Prudential Insurance Company of America The Pyramid Life Insurance Company
The State Life Insurance Company Thrivent Financial for Lutherans TIAA-CREFLife Insurance Company (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company) Transamerica Life Insurance Company
Transamerica Occidental Life Insurance Company Travelers Insurance Company Trustmark Insurance Union Bankers Insurance Company
Union Labor Life Insurance Company Union Standard of America Life Insurance Company United Healthcare Insurance Company United of Omaha Life Insurance Company
United Security Assurance Company of Pennsylvania United Teacher Associates Insurance Company Unum Life Insurance Company of America Valley Forge Life Insurance Company
Washington National Insurance Company West Coast Life Insurance Company