Research Journal of Modeling and Simulation


Research Journal of Modeling and Simulation is a peer-reviewed and open access journal that mainly focuses on the science of modeling and simulation in a wide range of industrial and academic applications. The journal publishes original research and applied papers on modeling and simulation, including aerospace technology simulation, computational intelligence, computer science, engineering, management, materials science, mathematics, military technology simulation, simulation modeling theories and methodologies, visual simulation, and among many other related fields.

Latest Articles

rjms - 2014 Volume 1, Number 3

Evaluation of Some Definite Integrals Using Maple

Author(s):  Chii-Huei Yu
doi: 10.12966/rjms.08.01.2014, August 2014, v.1, p. 40-47

Regression Modeling and Analysis of Factor-Interactive Effect on Anaerobic Biodegradation Process for Biogas Generation

Author(s):  William Wanasolo,  Samwel  Manyele,  John  Makunza
doi: 10.12966/rjms.08.02.2014, August 2014, v.1, p. 48-55