Open Journal of Art and Communication


Aims & Scope

The Open Journal of Art and Communication (OJARC) is a peer-reviewed publication devoting to the investigations of art and communication. The open journal format features original reports, articles that illustrate research results, multidisciplinary projects, surveying works, discussion papers, qualitative approach, experiences that describe significant advances in art and communication. The journal aims to its credibility and reputation by publishing innovative contributions on every aspect of art and communication in their complexity.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • art and signs
  • expressive arts
  • synesthesia
  • cinema and communication
  • communication and media
  • communication and creativity
  • communication and learning style
  • generative communication
  • communication in art
  • communication and literature
  • philology and communication
  • the art of philology
  • education and communication
  • art and learning style
  • knowledge and art
  • semiotics and communication
  • art and books
  • communication and e-literature
  • intercultural studies
The criteria for acceptance of the papers in Open Journal of Art and Communication (OJARC) are therefore quality of the work and its presentation and breadth of interest.

Latest Articles

ojarc - 2014 Volume 1, Number 2

Four Faces of Rebelliousness Nowadays – An Inter-Textual Approach

Author(s):  Delia Doina Mihalache
doi: 10.12966/ojarc.09.01.2014, September 2014, v.1, p. 20-26