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The Open Journal of Architectural Design is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that publishes integrative and substantive reviews. We welcome the submission of article in the areas of subjects, but are not limited to, following: building design, urbanism, history, theory, environmental design, construction , materials, information technology and practice.

Latest Articles

ojad - 2014 Volume 2, Number 2

Methodology for Probabilistic Seismic Risk Evaluation of Building Structure Based on Pushover Analysis

Author(s):  C. M. Ravi Kumar,  K. S. Babu Narayan,  Reddy D. Venkat
doi: 10.12966/ojad.08.01.2014, August 2014, v.2, p. 13-20

The Evolution of Design Thinking: Past, Present, and Future

Author(s):  Maryam Ashkan
doi: 10.12966/ojad.08.02.2014, August 2014, v.2, p. 21-26