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ne - 2014 Volume 2, Number 2

Genotoxicity Studies of Radish Grown on Industrial and Domestic Waste Water Using Alium cepa Root Tip Assay.

Author(s):  Pranav Joshi,  Sachin  Chaugule,  Shashank More,  Prachi Salunke,  Madhavi Indap
doi: 10.12966/ne.08.01.2014, August 2014, v.2, p. 17-22

The Application of MRET Technology for Prevention of Hurricanes Generation Driven by the Geomagnetic Extrastorms

Author(s):  Igor Smirnov
doi: 10.12966/ne.08.02.2014, August 2013, v.2, p. 23-32