Journal of Manufacturing and Design Science


Journal of Manufacturing and Design Science is a peer reviewed journal aimed at promoting the development of manufacturing and design science. The journal also aims at strengthening the international academic cooperation and communication. A sampling of topics include: monitoring and control system, product color intelligent planning method, NC technology for high speed milling, RF tag location and recognition, and among many other topics.

Latest Articles

jmds - 2014 Volume 1, Number 2

Study of Electric Discharge Machining and Surface Characteristics on (Al-TiC) Metal Matrix Composite

Author(s):  Raja Thiyagarajan,  Omprakash Sahu
doi: 10.12966/jmds.09.01.2014, September 2014, v.1, p. 16-23

Nerro-Fuzzy Based Model for Analyzing Productivity Considering Theory of Constraints Approach

Author(s):  Bharat Chede,  Aparna Chede
doi: 10.12966/jmds.09.02.2014, September 2014, v.1, p. 24-31