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Frontiers of Mathematics and Its Applications publishes peer-reviewed research papers in mathematics in general, covering pure mathematics as well as applied mathematics in chemistry, physics, engineering, biological science, health science, brain science, computer and information science, geoscience, nanoscience, nanotechnology, social science, finance, and many other related fields.

Latest Articles

fmia - 2014 Volume 1, Number 3

On Expanding 4/n Into Three Term Egyptian Fraction

Author(s):  Aisha H. A.,  Hamza Y. A.,  Waziri M. Y.
doi: 10.12966/fmia.09.01.2014, September 2014, v.1, p. 49-51

Degree of Approximation of the Fourier Series of a Function of Lipchitz class by Product Means

Author(s):  M.  Misra,  P. K.  Das,  B. P.  Padhy,  P.  Samanta,  U. K.  Misra
doi: 10.12966/fmia.09.02.2014, September 2014, v.1, p. 52-58