Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Aims & Scope

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that publishes integrative research articles and substantive reviews in the fields of medicinal plants biological activity in animals, human health and their implication on molecular and biochemical pathways. The journal also accept papers from Epigenetics, Nano medicine, environmental medicine, cancers and cardiovascular diseases, clinical nutrition, lipids, pro and anti-inflammatory agents, biotechnology, food chemistry, toxicology, clinical and nutritional trials, Biochemistry; Neuron Glia Biology, Biofilms Biophysics, emerging diseases and the Twin Research etc. Furthermore we welcome the submission of article in the areas of subjects, but are not limited to the aforementioned fields.

Special Topics

  • Development of new or modified assays
  • Methods and instrumentation and their applications to biochemical, Immunological and molecular studies.

Papers or reviews in this section should demonstrate sufficient evidence and sufficient statistical analysis using samples and standards to demonstrate their robustness for future use in experiments.

Latest Articles

bmb - 2014 Volume 2, Number 3

Differential Expression and Functional Detection of Esterase Isozymes on Isoelectrofocussing Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis from Mexican Beauveria bassiana isolates

Author(s):  Dominguez-Garcia, D. I.,  Soriano Nuñez, M. A.,  Castro Saines, E.,  Dominguez Marquez, V. M.,  Huicochea Santana, G. E.,  Martinez Alonso, U.,  Torres Guzman, F.,  Rosario-Cruz, R.
doi: 10.12966/bmb.09.01.2014, September 2014, v.2, p. 28-33

Apoptosis: A Mode of Cell Death

Author(s):  Alberto Mattetti,  Gianfranco Risuleo
doi: 10.12966/bmb.09.02.2014, September 2014, v.2, p. 34-39