Open Journal of Mathematical Modeling
ISSN: 2328-4978

ojmmo - 2014 Volume 2, Number 1

Application of Analytic Hierarchy Process in the Food Safety Evaluation

Author(s):  Chang-Mu, Chu,  Xing-Fu, Shen
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.02.01.2014, February 2014, v.2, p. 1-6

ojmmo - 2013 Volume 1, Number 7

A Mathematical Model to Determine the Friction Force in An Area of Real Contact in A Plain Weave

Author(s):  Chingova Raika Assenova
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.11.01.2013, November 2013, v.1, p. 225-230

ojmmo - 2013 Volume 1, Number 6

Generalized Fibonacci Sequence and its Properties

Author(s):  Shikha Bhatnagar,  Bhatnagar Shikha,  Sikhwal Omprakash
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.10.01.2013, October 2013, v.1, p. 194-202

A Common Technology Using Game Theory for Marketing, Management and Scheduling

Author(s):  Dragan Irinel
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.10.02.2013, October 2013, v.1, p. 203-211

Approximation of a Function and a Conjugate Function Belonging to Lip (α, γ) Class by(C,1)(E,q) Means

Author(s):  Nigam Hare Krishna
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.10.03.2013, October 2013, v.1, p. 212-224

ojmmo - 2013 Volume 1, Number 5

Selection of Vibro-Characteristics for Monitoring Flange Integrity in the Field Conditions

Author(s):   Malinin Len,   Pal’mov Vladimir
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.09.01.2013, September 2013, v.1, p. 146-152

On Smooth and Piecewise Smooth Solutions of Navier-Stokes Equations

Author(s):  Olteanu Octav
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.09.02.2013, September 2013, v.1, p. 153-158

Determinantal Identities for Generalized Fibonacci-Type Polynomials

Author(s):  Panwar Yashwant Kumar,  Singh Bijendra,  Gupta V. K.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.09.03.2013, September 2013, v.1, p. 159-172

An Alternative (G’/G) -Expansion Method with Generalized Ric-cati Equation: Application to Fifth Order (1+1)-Dimensional Kaup–Keperschmidt Equation

Author(s):  Shakeel Muhammad ,  Mohyud-Din Syed Tauseef
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.09.04.2013, September 2013, v.1, p. 173-183

Mathematical Modeling of Composite Lightweight Mortar Reinforced with Piassava Fibers

Author(s):  Lopes Rafael F.,  Alvim Ricardo de C.,  Alvim Rosana A. A.,  Correa Nestor S.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.09.05.2013, September 2013, v.1, p. 184-193

ojmmo - 2013 Volume 1, Number 4

Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Local Scour around a Bridge Pier

Author(s):  Craciun Candidate Eduard-George,  Anton Anton
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.08.01.2013, August 2013, v.1, p. 85-92

Interior Inverse Spectral Problems for Differential Equations on the Half Line

Author(s):  Neamaty A.,  Khalili Y.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.08.02.2013, August 2013, v.1, p. 93-96

On N(k)-Generalized Quasi Einstein Manifolds

Author(s):  Taleshian A.,  Hosseinzadeh A. A.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.08.03.2013, August 2013, v.1, p. 97-101

Math Modeling and Simulation of Human Immune System Stimulated by Malaria Parasite

Author(s):  Subramanian Umadevi
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.08.04.2013, August 2013, v.1, p. 102-112

Markov Moment Problem and Related Approximation

Author(s):  Olteanu Octav
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.08.05.2013, August 2013, v.1, p. 113-124

On Hankel Type Multipliers and Transplantation Operators

Author(s):  Waphare B. B.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.08.06.2013, August 2013, v.1, p. 125-135

Clustering Return Items in a Multi-Layer Multi-Product Reverse Supply Chain Using Data Mining

Author(s):  Mohammadi Lida,  Fazlollahtabar Hamed,  Mahdavi Iraj
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.08.07.2013, August 2013, v.1, p. 136-145

ojmmo - 2013 Volume 1, Number 3


Author(s):  Krishnamoorthy S.,  Muthugobal B. K. N.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.07.01.2013, July 2013, v.1, p. 67-79

Some Characteristics on Secondary k-normal Matrices

Author(s):  Krishnamoorthy S.,  Bhuvaneswari G.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.07.02.2013, July 2013, v.1, p. 80-84

ojmmo - 2013 Volume 1, Number 2

Unsteady MHD Flow of Dusty VISCO-ELASTIC Liquid Between Two Parallel Plates

Author(s):  Alle Geetanjali
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.05.01.2013, May 2013, v.1, p. 21-28

Fixed Point Theorem for Generalized Weak Contractions Involving Rational Expressions

Author(s):  Can N. V.,  Thuan N. X.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.05.02.2013, May 2013, v.1, p. 29-33

On Strongly Generalized αφ-invexity

Author(s):  Mahmoodpoor Gh.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.05.03.2013, May 2013, v.1, p. 34-36

The Non-linear Modeling of the Rotational Vibrations of the Electrically Charged Cloud of the Ice Crystals

Author(s):  Wirowski Artur
doi: 0.12966/ojmmo.05.05.2013, May 2013, v.1, p. 46-57

Hankel Type Transform Associated with spaces

Author(s):  Waphare B. B.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.05.06.2013, May 2013, v.1, p. 58-69

Jordan Canonical Forms, Complex S-orthogonal Matrix, Complex S-skew Symmetric Matrix

Author(s):  Krishnamoorthy S.,  Jaikumar K.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.05.07.2013,  2013, v.1, p. 60-62

On Combinations of Higher Powers of Fibonacci-Like Sequence

Author(s):  Singh Bijendra,  Gupta V. K. ,  Panwar Yashwant Kumar
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.05.08.2013, May 2013, v.1, p. 63-66

ojmmo - 2013 Volume 1, Number 1

Scattering of Stationary and Non-stationary (Impulse) Sound by Viscous–Elastic Cylindrical Layers

Author(s):  Ilmenkov S. L.,  Kleshchev A. A.,  Kuznetsova E. I.,  Legusha F. F.,  Chizhov Y. V.,  Chizhov G. V.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.04.01.2013, April 2013, v.1, p. 1-6

Optimal Scaling, A Wonderful Method for Analysing Clinical Trials with Imperfect Data

Author(s):  Cleophas Ton J.
doi: 10.12966/ojmmo.04.02.2013, April 2013, v.1, p. 7-20