Open Journal of Education
ISSN: 2328-4986

Education and the Philosophy of Karma

Maya M. Mainkar*

Author Affiliations:

Baburaoji Gholap College, New Sangvi Pune,University of Pune,India


Education is the most important aspect of applied psychology. It needs our attention if the world is to be free from poverty, disease and hatred. The Indian concept of karma is perhaps the finest thing that has been said to inspire human beings to escape the terrors of poverty, disease, hatred and deprivation. Why do we have so much poverty, disease and hatred if the best brains of the world are giving direction to education? And why do human beings remain grossly inefficient despite the concept of karma? The answer to this lies in the wrong interpretation of both these words. The word education is drawn from the Latin word educe, which means to draw out. Thus education should draw out ideas and information from students. Teachers have been pumping information into students for centuries. Karma is also wrongly believed to be linked to past lives. That is why saints talk relentlessly about karmic residue, which is the leftover after our good and bad deeds, done over previous lives, cancel out each other. This blind acceptance of something which can never be proved is the reason why the concept of karma has been relegated to religious scriptures. Karma, as per an exceptional interpretation, is thought plus action. It can thus be defined as creative functionality. Life takes a totally new and inspiring meaning once this is understood. Life becomes supreme when this interpretation of karma is introduced in education. This elevates knowledge into wisdom and creates formation of students out of information. Every exceptional idea then manifests in the behavior and psychology of the students. This paper will link the new concept of Karma and education and snow how a revolution can be brought into education and the 1.7 billion students of the world.


Applied Psychology, Karmic Residue, Educe, Creative Functionality, Poverty Disease Hatred, Education, Mental Excellence